18-45 year-old activists in the UK, the USA

and everywhere else. You are the key generation to transform this Earth.

You are my focii.

How can I help you?

Scroll to the bottom of the page to have some input into the developing Epic Life Options guide.

It is you millenial activists that are best placed to lead the revolution in human civilisation that is necessary to take us beyond the ecological crises of this century. This is because of your role in the sharing economy, your technological savvy, your ecological awareness, your taste for serious activism and your average physical health and fitness -i.e. resilience and capacity for a diversity of work. 

I am currently testing two hypotheses. These hypotheses may need refining (or changing completely) over time: 

1) There is a need for a specific well-being service / well-being advice for 18-45 activists, to prevent burn-out, and take care of the activist during and after the stress of actions, in a way that their long-term mental health is safe-guarded. Personal well-being issues around the individual motivation of activists must also be addressed, accepting that trauma can be a large part of motivation, either in an unhealthy way or a healthy way.

2) There is a need for career / life mentoring advice specifically for 18-45 activists. This includes encouraging more entrepreneurship, which is key in breaking the hold on our society of some of the large unethical corporations. (However, I understand that not all activists are suited to the business / self-employment idea. I can provide mentoring tailored to all 18-45’s activists.) A lack of career and life-mentoring advice for activists is resulting in many people ceasing activist activities as they pursue a career or family. These people mistakenly believe that a career or family life must be opposed to the activist lifestyle. I intend to show that once the correct options are made available, a synthesis of activism, career and family can be achieved.

The Epic Life Options personalised guide is my experimental answer to both 1) and 2) above. Epic Life Options is a product-in-development. I am in the market research stage of the Epic Life Options guide and I invite any interested 18-45’s to contact me with your thoughts and personal experiences to help me develop this product. We can do this by email, phone or video-call. I have a few pre-set simple questions I would like to ask you. In return for your time and help I promise to give you a 35% discount on the price of the final product, when it is released. All being well, this will be in August.