A Bad Day

I feel utterly overwhelmed and lost. This blog is supposed to provide me with some structure and routine. A creative outlet for the mass of ideas that pressurize the inside of my head on a daily basis -the ideas for rectifying this world; ideas which may not be much more than ego and vanity.

Indeed, thinking I have something profound to write about mental health; maybe that is part of my sickness. If part of me is sick, then all of me is tainted. The whole of me is greater than the sum of my parts, but also the whole is affected by changes in every part, and once the whole changes, so does its relationship with every part; in this way, a change in one part of me instantly affects every other part. How could it not be so?

Let me be inspired by new influences now! Come quickly to spread like fire through my gestalt of self-and-world-understanding! Quickly quickly quickly now!


Join my Heroine Quest


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