Rojava Internationalist Commune launches ‘Make Rojava Green Again’; northern Syria ecology project

In defiance of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, the Internationalist Commune of the regional autonomous zone of Rojava in northern Syria, led by the Kurds, has launched its plan to regenerate the ecology of the region.

The Rojava region of northern Syria, despite relatively little coverage from the international press, and amidst one of the most horrific warzones of modern times, has successfully pioneered a feminist experiment in direct democracy.

Now, the ‘Make Rojava Green Again’ initiative intends to develop the so-called ‘third pillar of the revolution’, where the first two pillars have been direct democracy by street assembly, and equal involvement of women in all levels of decision-making -as well as in some places, all-female villages, educational institutions, police units and defense units.

The Make Rojava Green Again initiative would like to hear from journalists and ecology groups internationally who would like to publicise and partnership with their work.

Please contact me to learn more about solidarity for the revolution in northern Syria and if you would like to be forwarded the Make Rojava Green Again document. For more on Internationalist Commune Rojava go here.

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