Review of SF novel ‘Grass’ by Sherri Tepper

Science fiction can help us imagine a sustainable future for humanity on Earth.

Here is my first SF book review: ‘Grass’ by Sherri Tepper (1989);

The full review is on my friend Andrea’s site The Scifi Novel


From an alternative and future version of Earth named Terra, the humanitarian aid worker and scientific researcher, Marjorie Yrarier, and her family, depart to the mysterious planet of Grass. Their mission on Grass: to find the rumoured cure for a plague that is in danger of decimating the entire interplanetary civilization of humanity. Marjorie must battle an over-bearing husband, recalcitrant daughter, hostile locals, the savage but super-intelligent local wildlife and an oppressive religious empire in order to achieve the mission. This is a romantic but serious sci-fi adventure, with plenty of mystery too. Its depth and breadth are impressive, but would I recommend it to others? Read on…


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