Fighting #1

I am peaceful, but not to the point of my own death and the deaths of those I care about. I am reasonably concerned about the relative collapse of industrial global civilisation in my lifetime, due to a number of factors. Refer to The Evidence and Owl for a little more information. I am not a doomsday prophet. I am a survivalist, but not only a survivalist. I am rather a ‘surthrivalist’: someone who believes that threats to human survival can be turned into opportunities for personal, social and cultural renewal; opportunities to thrive…

The second part of this post can only be read on request, by the right people. I do not wish to promote violence as a way of life, and I believe that when all of my proposed Fighting posts are read together, they could help make some individuals very dangerous, if they read me in the wrong way. Only those who can convince me of their good attitude will be allowed to read the full Fighting posts.

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