The launch that was as soft as a feather

Tomorrow is the soft launch date for my first product -a spreadsheet for activists. By ‘soft launch’ I mean in this instance that I was going to give it away to family, friends, and those who have helped me out with market research.

But it isn’t ready.

It isn’t ready because I have been spending all my time on Extinction Rebellion. I’m not bitter and I’m not resentful. Extinction Rebellion (XR) is teaching me a lot of skills -skills that I have never gained from any ‘regular’ paid job. People skills. Software skills. Management skills and leadership skills. These are all skills that will help my business.

Moreover, I am in the thick of the XR movement. I am learning about other activists, what makes them tick and what information may be useful to them. I never consciously engage with my fellow rebels from a place of market research, but I know that subtly, these interactions will later inform my understanding of my business audience, for which I am grateful.

I haven’t failed to launch my product. I’ve actually sent the bare bones of what I have so far to a good friend of mine. I did that today, so I launched a day early. My new plan is to keep relaunching after every short burst of feedback from a friend or a few. To reiterate this softly softly launch until it gets bigger and harder. Until next year when I intend to be in a position to charge for it (that plan hasn’t changed).

Do you think I failed? I don’t think so. Here is my launch: soft as a feather.

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