?You Gather? Vegan and Climate Activism (for Heroines and Heroes) #6

I haven’t got much to offer you this week. I’m sorry. I don’t see the point when I’m behind on building my product (which I really do hope will help you) and behind on building my email list. I thought last week’s post was one of my best yet but it was hardly read. I have an idea why, a complex reasoning based on the fact that I have started a cut-up novel with this same WordPress account, which because of its nature may appear to WordPress to be a cynical attempt to maximise my website traffic. I know WordPress can penalise in such instances. So last week’s ?You Gather? post may have been bumped down the WP Reader. Here’s the offending creative work in question: The Rebel Sense of Kathy ‘Sugar’ Celeste.

Meanwhile, let me break it to you brutally. ‘Going vegan’ will not save the planet (even if everyone did it tomorrow). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vegan (or for some of us, realistically, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat less meat). Nor will reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 (the standard conservative narrative of what we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown). Reducing emissions to zero by 2025 might however, avert catastrophe. But only if in concert with dealing with the wider ecological crisis of the sixth mass extinction event on Earth, including the loss of biodiversity and the loss of ecosystem services vital for human life, including soil fertility.

Look up the resources for yourself. They are everywhere. Here is a realistic appraisal.

Accept the immanent collapse of civilisation, or be a heroine. The choice is yours.



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