WHWG Strategy Bulletin #1: 11/3/22

Well Hunted, Well Gathered Strategy Bulletin for Systems Change #1:


  • Global Scientist Rebellion (SR) begins on April 4th 2022, a movement of non-violent mass civil disobedience on climate, with scientists from 20-25 countries taking part, including over 10 countries from the Global South. Visit https://scientistrebellion.com/ for more. SR are not to be confused with ‘Scientists for XR’.
  • The strategic relationship with Extinction Rebellion UK’s April Rebellion is timing. XRUK April Rebellion begins April 9th 2022.
  • A key aim is to get 1000 scientists per continent entering into civil disobedience on climate.
  • Hundreds of scientists and academics globally have signed the SR demands letter here.
  • SR has recently received US $100,000 from the Climate Emergency Fund.
  • SR is more decentralised from the outset than XRUK. Additionally, a co-founder Mike Lynch White is keen that SR is held accountable for any colonising or unconsciously white supremacist content put out by SR. Early connections of SR pioneers with scientists in the Global South are encouraging.

Strategy Tips

  • If you are wholeheartedly engaged with XR, get involved in supporting SR also, for Movement of Movements potential.
  • If you are ambivalent about XR due to centralisation and white supremacy within the movement, pivot to supporting SR instead, which, although currently white-facilitated, is more inclusive than XR from the outset, including significant Global South connections. For scientists to enter into civil disobedience is key to the global climate movement.
  • Additionally, for moral as well as strategic recruitment reasons, support and follow those BIPOC voices within XR and the climate movement in general who are working hard to centre the marginalised, such as Shanthuru Premkumar and Vanessa Nakate.
  • To help prevent pathways to (eco)fascism, support risky nationalistic civil disobedience movements such as Insulate Britain and Fireproof Australia only if within a robust anti-fascist rhetoric and understanding. For more on anti-fascism within XR in Europe, and related groups and movements, join the XR Anti-(Eco)Fascism & Refugee Support Facebook page, which includes a systematic organisation of posts / information into Guides.
  • Use April Rebellions to build global momentum for climate justice, with a keen eye on events related to climate justice that are happening in April, especially led by groups in the Global South. Such events can be leveraged by actions of SR/XR which are Global North based, and in media coverage of SR/XR.

Key Sources

1. Scientist Rebellion

2. Epic Tomorrows interview of Mike Lynch White, Scientist Rebellion co-founder:

Climate Revolution Now

3. !For whom is Extinction?!: Epic T. blog post of highlights of interview with skilled anti-racist facilitator & frontline activist, Shanthuru Premkumar, including video link & commentary:

4. XR Europe Anti-(Eco)Fascism & Refugee Support.

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