European Anti-EcoAuthoritarianism group

[To be updated periodically; last update: 22/11/22]

A while back, with friends I started an educational and discussion group on Facebook, titled ‘XR Europe Anti-Ecofascism & Refugee Support Group’. The idea was partly to discuss, within and without ‘XR Europe’, tendencies within even ostensibly left wing or at least ‘apolitical’ environmental groups and movements towards right wing ecological viewpoints and even ‘protofascist’ viewpoints that could open a door (as if we need another one) to fascism and ecofascism within society at large.

Use of the term ‘XR Europe’ was tactical as many of us contributors to the group had long since abandoned XR. However, we felt a duty of care towards folk still ‘on the inside’ of the movement, and society at large, to help educate about, and prevent, protofascist and white supremacist views, which are constantly in danger of further taking hold in the environmental movement.

More recently, the group’s name has been changed to European Anti-EcoAuthoritarianism (EAEA) to reflect a widening concern with eco-authoritarianism across the political spectrum, and how this must be resisted.

As of 22/11/22 the group is dormant, but is still useful as an educational resource, so please dive in if you use Facebook and want to learn about anti-ecoauthoritarianism with a European focus (although not exclusively). Despite Facebook being a terrible parody of what a social media platform could be, the function of dividing (private) group posts into educational ‘Guides’ can be useful, for those who already habituate the platform.

As of 22/11/22, the Guides are as follows; click on this link to go straight to the Guides:

  • Group Purpose / Ecofascism Resources / Reading Groups
  • 12 Rules for What?
  • About XR and the ‘XR milieu’
  • Current Ecofascism
  • Current Right Wing (or Ecofascist-Leaning) Ecology
  • Fascism, Capitalism & the State
  • Strategies for Fighting Extremism
  • De-radicalisation
  • Anti-(Eco)Fascism Groups
  • History of Fascism
  • Anti-Semitism & Holocaust Denial
  • Analysis of Extremism
  • White Supremacy Culture Patterns
  • Climate Justice
  • New Age & the Far Right
  • Propaganda as Racism / Fascism Amplifiers
  • Population
  • About Far Right Groups
  • Freedom Convoys
  • About Far Right Politicians & Political Parties
  • (Eco) Authoritarian Government & Militaristic States; Left, Right & Centre
  • UK PCSC / Nationality & Borders Bills
  • UK Refugees
  • Refugees in France
  • Refugees in Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • Finland
  • Ukraine

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