ChatGPT Activism #1: Civil Disobedience & Open Source Intel

Clearly, no technology is inherently good or bad. It’s what we do with it that counts. As activists, some of us at least, have a duty to stay on top of new technologies and their activist applications, wherever it’s possible that the efficiency of our activism may be increased.

Like many people, I have been playing around with ChatGPT, and comparing its performance with Google Search (or any traditional search engine, for that matter).

In the rough and ready video below, from the Epic Tomorrows YouTube channel, I explain what happened when I compared ChatGPT and Google for responses on a couple of key questions.

ChatGPT Activism #1: Key Takeaways

  • It’s obvious, but don’t ask ChatGPT for advice on civil disobedience or indeed any illegal activity. See what happened when I did this, in the video below. The activist applications of ChatGPT will not come from asking it direct questions about effective civil disobedience strategy.
  • When it comes to open source intel, i.e. any freely available information that can be gathered or processed in such a way as to constitute intelligence material, that can inform activist strategy and action…this is an area where ChatGPT shows great promise, and potentially performs better than Google Search. Again, refer to my video below, where I asked ChatGPT about bottlenecks in the global fossil fuel infrastructure, and typed the same query into Google Search.

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