Climate- and Eco- Activism Groups / Org’s / Sites & Online Literature (with a focus on direct action).

Please note that this page is under construction and will be fleshed out further soon.

The world is over-ripe for the revolution in global economics and global energy infrastructure needed to secure a habitable planet for human beings beyond this century. Below are links to ecology-focused direct action / civil disobedience based activist groups and organisations. ‘Softer’ activism groups will be added soon on a separate page.

The focus on perceived ‘ecology-based’ activism is not a denial of issues of human oppression and intersectionality, but is a necessary starting place. It is the view of Epic Tomorrows that it is through the vehicle of ‘eco-activism’ that we currently and urgently need to address all global injustice, with a crucial focus on saving a biodiverse state of Nature with a habitable climate for humans -i.e. halting and reversing the Anthropocene.

The changes needed will not come about by a ‘Green New Deal’ that corresponds to prevalent understandings / applications of that phrase.

For an  introduction on direct action as related to the ecological and climate emergency, please visit this page (also under construction).


Vegan activism is not included below as it deserves special separate study / listings, to be added very soon…

Extensive youth climate and ecological activism links will also be added soon.

UK-based groups:

Uk-based -Climate and Ecological Justice:


Europe-based -Climate and Ecological Justice:

North America:


Current ways of using the links on this page:

  • As members of any of the groups listed on this page, or as aspiring members, seek an ever more thorough understanding of climate science to underpin all activism, using these links.
  • These links can be a starting place for social movements and action-focused groups to learn from each others’ theories of change, strategies and tactics, for collaborative action.
  • How can social movements / action groups complement each others’ strategies and actions by remaining in the loop at all times, as to what is going on in all other groups and movements at any moment in time? How can a common and secure online forum or forums / secure chats be created so that organisers in one group know what is in the pipeline(s) of other groups by communicating on an ongoing basis even before plans are crystallised in various groups? How can we form a reflexive meta-strategy for global social change, incorporating as many participants as humanly possible?

Epic Tomorrows is working on an integrative strategy document to begin to address the above aspirations and those reflected here. Watch this space.