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Hello, my name is Matthew. I started The Epic Tomorrows of Earth (previously The Epic Futures of Earth, previously ‘Ecopanu’, previously ‘The First 13’, previously…I can’t remember) in October of 2017. 

This personal blog has developed into an enterprise to serve heroines and heroes of ecological and climate change activism. Is that you?


I am developing insights into your struggles as an ecological and / or climate change activist. From my research, and if you are anything like me, it is likely that you:

  • despite your intelligence, sometimes struggle with where to get the best science information from, to inform your eco-activism
  • sometimes feel lonely and disconnected, in need of more connection with more like-minded activists, especially considering the negative information you process regularly
  • often feel that a few people in activist groups or organisations, through no fault of theirs, seem to have a monopoly on strategy for that group or org. You have some good ideas too, and wish that you were confident or extrovert enough to develop them, voice them or act on them
  • often struggle with achieving an activism -work -life balance, which can affect your well-being negatively, including experiencing ‘activist burnout’
  • often feel that, despite the wonders of the internet, somehow all the information, resources and human connections available to activists are not well gathered, listed, organised or integrated enough for you to maximise your activism and well-being, and for all of us to maximise co-ordinated strategy for global system change, in short, for victory.
  • do not feel quite protected enough against our volatile future and seek the clarity, organisation and resilience of an information-based activist community

The Epic Tomorrows blog and Well Hunted, Well Gathered:

With the Epic Tomorrows blog I am starting to answer some of these concerns. 

In tandem with the blog I am also developing my first FREE product, the Well Hunted, Well Gathered activist resource compendium. Well Hunted, Well Gathered contains lists of websites for activists, with cross-referencing and strategy notes. Because Google or Ecosia don’t quite give you what you want, quickly enough, do they?

You (we) have wasted too much time sifting through sites, sometimes not even knowing exactly what it is we are looking for. But with my growing activist experience and study, and a whole lot of empathy, I intend to help guide (people like) you make better decisions around research and action.

My background:

So what qualifies me to advise you on ecological or climate / eco-activism? Consider the following:

  • Since October 2018 I have been active with Extinction Rebellion (XR), including on the ‘front-line’, with experience of the police cells, and court. I am also developing a sophisticated critique of XR, including from intersectional feminist and post-colonialist perspectives.
  • For seven years I lived off-grid in a wooden cottage self-built with my ex-partner at ‘Silent Haven’. It was an activist project built without Planning permission as an act of civil disobedience against ecologically and socially unjust Planning law. In the end the national Planning Inspectorate over-ruled the local authority in our favour, to endorse the dwelling and linked project. During this time I gained a grounding in ecological issues.
  • Over the past decade I’ve combined my study and experience of activism,  psychology, sociology, ‘sustainability issues’ and Permaculture into an emerging holistic view of the world which is now focused on providing practical informational resources for activists.


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ET Family Photo
Members of my family on Christmas Day 2019 -after the clean up!