ENM / Polyamory

I practice ethical non-monogamy (ENM) with an emphasis on the ethics. Otherwise known as polyamory.

I intend to build up a significant body of knowledge and research on ENM, as I personally think that this way of living and loving holds great promise for supporting and being supported by the evolved forms of society that we need for a world post-capitalist Descent.

The only book I have read on polyamory is The Ethical Slut, which I enjoyed but found lacking in the deeper dimensions of committed loving relationships and how to negotiate them in an ENM context. That said, I read the second edition, not the third edition linked to above.

Experientially, I have had experience of a pod of three, where myself and a male friend shared a female partner, and sometimes all hung out together. There were some beautiful moments, and plenty of difficult ones.

Watch this space for more on ENM / poly, and how this way of being can be understood in wider contexts of social and cultural change.