Epic Tomorrows WELL GATHERED spreadsheet

everyone loves a climate heroine…

Please note, from April 15th 2019 I will be in the thick of the action for the international Extinction Rebellion, and may spend up to a few weeks in jail for non-violent civil disobedience to draw attention to climate breakdown and the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. Availability of the Well Gathered spreadsheet may be restricted for several weeks beginning April 15th 2019.

!GIVE YOUR LOVE TO THE FUTURE                                      OF LIFE ON EARTH!

The WELL GATHERED spreadsheet is a curated spreadsheet of websites for activists, the first version of which will be available from 29/2/19. Email me at epictomorrows@gmail.com to reserve your copy. Pay now or pay later. £5 for a few hundred entries. I will be capping launch week sales at 30 copies, because I want to engage in in-depth feedback sessions with every one of you who buy. I’m here to serve, and I need some very special first customers -innovators- to help me make the product even better than it already is. After the launch week the price will rise to £7.50 (still crazily cheap). Early customers will get free updates for life.

I don’t want any old person buying my stuff. If you have money to throw away on stuff you don’t really want, or aren’t passionate about either climate activism or veganism, then please go away.

The WELL GATHERED spreadsheet is a response to The Evidence, especially Climate Breakdown, and the Core Story of Epic Tomorrows.

WELL GATHERED is most relevant to climate and vegan activists in the southwest of England, but climate and vegan activists across the UK and across the world will find it useful.

I love the southwest of England. I have been here for most of my life and I’m placing my bets on this region for a vegan and climate revolution!


Good question! Here are some examples of website types:

  • Best climate science sites.
  • Best environmental science sites.
  • Details including headquarters’ addresses of Worst Corporate Ecological Offenders (WCEOs) to target with non-violent action.
  • Fundraising sites for activists.
  • Legal sites for activists facing detention and court cases.
  • Vegan sites.
  • Consumer activism sites.

and many more… I will be counting on my customers to help me make the second version even better, for which you will get free updates for life.