Heroine Quest

My name is Tehanu. Welcome to the Epic Tomorrows of Earth. Heroines and heroes of all genders and none, all races and none, all sexualities and none, and of all abilities, now is your time. Join our Quest in any way you are able. This Quest will unfold over centuries. It is only by daring to think forward over hundreds of years that we can build a truly Earth- and humanity- respecting culture. We are early facilitators, and not the only ones. Many of us will be dead long before the Heroine Quest is fully realised. The Quest was before us and it will continue beyond us.

The Heroine Quest; the HQ; the mission statement; the vision:

beginning here and now;

1) To create truly permanent culture -‘permaculture’, including rewilding, in Southwest England or parts thereof, by co-developing with regional inhabitants, a model of regional resource sovereignty, regional governance and a resilient post-capitalist or hybrid-capitalist regional economy. To network with similar movements around the world. In order to create this reality, first of all, to extensively research the options, and where past experiments may have succeeded or failed. These aims presuppose a view that conventional politics is becoming obsolete; that it is up to us to create our own local and regional democracies, and to take control of our own resources. With climate change and increasing scarcity of natural resources over the coming decades, the global relocalisation of culture is seen as almost inevitable. This can be done in co-operation with nation states as far as possible. Dialogue and peaceful action must be at the core of this movement. For more on the likelihood and desirability of global relocalisation, see The Evidence and Relocal.

2) In support of and supported by the above, to facilitate the creation of a ‘land bloc’ in Mid Devon and extending outwards. The land bloc will be comprised of a boundary to boundary association of plots of land owned by likeminded people, sympathetic to key elements of the Heroine Quest. The land bloc is a basis of self-governance, including civil disobedience where necessary. To market the land bloc vision effectively, starting from now, because the global ecological and climate imperatives are that there is no time to lose. To research the best way to create good relations, and effective land-healing and resource-building action across the land bloc, even as we are creating it.

3) In support of and supported by the above, to create a community hub that is co-creative with the land bloc, so that each informs the development of the other. Unlike the land bloc, to research the hub comprehensively, over a period of years, before beginning it, and build the team necessary to begin it. To research best integrative practices for this hub, that it may be a model of post-Descent culture / permaculture, as well as a centre for research and networking for development of such culture. To base it on models that are running successfully around the world, for instance at Tamera -if transference to the SW UK context is well-researched.

4) In support of and supported by the above, to dismantle the biomedical model of mental illness, at least on a regional level, in favour of a biosociocultural model as standard. As global civilization evolves to a more localised system, the biomedical model will be increasingly obsolete.

5) In support of and supported by the above, to pioneer and develop an Ecopreneurial Descent economics, responding to the coming energy Descent, future global conflicts and the emergent relocalisation of global culture. eDe is ‘using capitalism to go beyond capitalism’. Including corporations of Transition.

6) In support of and supported by the above, to pioneer Hammerhead Activism; a super-organised form of activism which seeks to bring together disparate activist groups, including Arts activists, to pressure worst corporate offenders, (WCOs), tackling mercilessly one WCO at a time, and thereby advancing the end of corporatism on this Earth, excepting Transition Corporations.

7) In support of and supported by the above, to address the unconscious and conscious narratives and stories which guide modern global capitalist culture, and to facilitate the normalising of new more helpful narratives, non-patriarchal, non-oppressive and post-or at least hybrid- capitalist. This includes full ecopreneurial utilisation of permission marketing to guide the masses to a sustainable version of what they want. To encourage and facilitate the emergence of a new religious narratives, rituals and celebrations that merge sciences, feminisms and spiritualities in diverse but mutually coherent ways. To write the metamyth of a new civilization. A metamyth that supports the Heroine Quest. The new narratives require new and revitalised languages, including a reformed English language that is aware of elements of patriarchy and other oppressions written within it.

8) In support of and supported by the above, to establish a university of academic and practical excellence which re-integrates all areas of human thought and endeavour, that have become fragmented and stratified during the capitalist era, at the expense of truth and understanding. The specialisation of knowledge has been useful and rewarding, but now is the time for reintegration.                                                                                                      Over the next century, according to a chronology of steps: i) to work with established universities and practical training centres to deliver and facilitate visionary and alternative lectures, talks and workshops in their spaces (the first 10 years)                          ii) to work with established universities and practical training centres to develop supplementary alternative curriculums to their main subject areas (over 20 years)            iii) to work with established universities and practical training centres to build alternative, visionary departments within their walls (over 20 years)                                      iv) after the first 50 years, to begin building the new visionary practical university, brick by brick, with its first students

9) In support of and supported by the above, emergent contemporary realities demand that we educate our children from the earliest opportunity about the inbuilt limits of a global capitalist civilisation predicated on perpetual growth, and the centuries of upheaval ahead. We more than owe it to them. Our future as a species depends on them.