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If you are reading this you are an activist friend, an early customer, an early adopter. Congratulations! You are now part of the Epic Tomorrows Tribe.

If you want to help guide the evolution of the Well Hunted, Well Gathered directory, you can. If you would rather sit back and watch the directory grow before your eyes, over the course of your lifetime (unless the internet crashes for good) then feel free. If you use the infernal platform of Facebook, you are welcome to ‘like’ the Epic Tomorrows page here and send a message to request to join the Epic Tomorrows Tribe private group. 

I also want to help you in other ways. I want to help you (to help all of us) with activist strategy in the climate and ecological emergency, and I want to help you (to help me also!) with what I call ‘activist life strategy’, including personal well-being. Finally, check out the G-Doc linked to below on !Extinction Economies. Note that at some point, access to these documents will be opened up to the general activist public.

Activist Strategy in the Climate and Ecological Emergency

If you are anything like me, you will sometimes get frustrated that your ideas for tactics or strategy within a social movement, protest or campaign are not being listened to, or because you are isolated, introverted, under-confident or suffering from physical or mental illness, you are not able to put your ideas out there, to anyone who will listen.

The following information may be a revelation to you: in his excellent book, ‘The Black Swan’, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has shown without a shadow of a doubt that the vast majority of so-called ‘experts’ at predicting social and economic trends are no better at predicting than you or I if given the same basic raw data. What is crazy is that there is a whole industry built up around prediction, forecasting and Future Studies that has convinced itself that it is getting good results. It isn’t!

When it comes to social movements, it is true that certain common trends and features of successful movements can be observed retrospectively. However, these are open to wide interpretation, according to a variety of contexts, and the common trends and features are not greatly predictive of how social movements should be waged in the present, apart from a few key necessities such as tactical diversity. 

What this all boils down to is that there should be no-one ‘in charge’ of strategy for a social movement, and that the most strategically effective social movements will be the ones that crowd-source their strategy as widely as possible, in a self-organised and coherent way.

Crowd-sourced Strategy for Global Revolution

All of the above has led me to believe that what we need for a successful global movement to force governments’ action (or replace those governments) on the climate and ecological emergency, is intelligent online software allowing the constant and reflexive crowd-sourcing of activist strategy, utilising ideas from children, elders, and everyone in between, and from all demographics, and from the global south, equally to the north, etc, i.e. globally democratic representation.

I’m not a software designer and I don’t know any with a lifetime to spare to develop this vision, but meanwhile perhaps you will join me in this experiment of crowd-sourcing strategy, by helping me develop this Crowd-sourced Strategy for Global Revolution on a Google Doc. (Just for the moment I suggest that I am the editor and you are the commentators down the side -if you know how G-Docs work- because I don’t know how else to run it. I will incorporate all your suggestions.) I will also be inviting certain individuals who can’t afford to sponsor the WHWG directory, and folk from widely removed contexts to the UK, including from the global south, to contribute to this experiment. A G-Doc is not ideal for crowd-sourcing strategy to millions of people, which would be the eventual goal of this experiment, but we have to start somewhere.

Fossil Dominoes, Toxic Media Shutdown and Crowd-sourced Action Templates

Additionally I invite commentary and submissions to an idea for a new urgent global movement named Fossil Dominoes (G-Doc here) to tackle the 100 worst C02 emitting entities in the world, one by one. 

A separate but inter-linked Toxic Media Shutdown (G-Doc here) movement is also needed.

Finally, here is the beginnings of an Ongoing Crowd-sourced Compendium of Action Templates for effective non-violent direct actions against inactive governments and fossil fuel polluters. Please don’t be shy to contribute your ideas. Social movements need a diversity of tactics to win -your creativity is needed!

Activist Life Strategy

What I refer to as ‘activist life strategy’ is taking the long view of your own life, as an activist, planning for most eventualities, and having a strategy of self-care, or a life strategy that incorporates self-care. For me, as well as the standard self-care of body, mind and emotional health, and some kind of financial security, there are considerations of ‘what have I got in place in my self / life to mitigate against the collapse of civilisation?’ This collapse, I believe is likely at some point this century, although see what I wrote above about predictions. Activist life strategy also involves anticipating / being aware of surveillance from security forces, and understanding the risks to health and freedom posed by elements of activism, including being involved in planning actions, and being arrested during actions / acts of civil disobedience. Over time, as I learn and understand more, I hope I can facilitate the Epic Tomorrows Tribe, that we may develop together in our activist life strategies.

If you seek more focus and resilience for the activist tasks and times ahead, look at my new service ‘Crisis Meditation’.

!Extinction Economies

!Extinction Economies (G-Doc here) is an exploration of how businesses, entrepreneurs and activists can work together to disrupt the fossil fuel -based neoliberal capitalist world economy which is wrecking Earth. Facebook group here.