Recruiting volunteer global helpers aged 18-25, from anywhere in the world.

Right now I need Owls and I need Hornets (Click on the links for job descriptions).

Here’s the deal. You help me. I mentor you. For however long suits you. In a world in crisis, our culture needs lifetime mentors -if they are worthy. If you think I am worthy -and you can test me in any way you need to, then I can be a loyal mentor for life.

Between the ages of 18 and 25 I was pretty clueless. It was a long adolescence. I cannot be blamed, nor can I blame any individual. Nevertheless, clearly there was a lack of role models, especially male role models, in the society around me. Any role models I did have, of all genders, have turned out to be deceitfully ignorant in their attitude towards the governments of the world; and the nature of capitalist industrial civilization; and the unsustainability of this civilization.

I am not a doomsday prophet. I am actually a very optimistic person, to those who know me well. Nevertheless, if you are brave enough to look at all the available evidence, as many scholars, economists, scientists and oil industry experts acknowledge, the prospects for capitalist industrial civilization beyond the middle of this century do not look good at all. For more information, see The Evidence and Relocal.

Although the global population is likely to be reduced by 90% before 2100, there is hope, especially for those who are knowledgeable enough to survive and even thrive, through to the next version of human civilization.

Meanwhile, my heart screams when I walk past children and young adults in the streets. ‘What lies are your parents telling you?’, I think. I do not blame the parents for believing those lies either, even though they may feel unsettled as they tell them, on the surface level not quite knowing / remembering why.