If you ever had any doubt that the leaders of Western ‘democracies’ serve themselves before their citizens, please visit the links below on 9/11. On the first site, ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’, you will see that thousands of trained architects and engineers have signed a document to state that they do not believe the official report of 9/11 as put forward by the USA government. AE911Truth shows that the way the Twin Towers collapsed is not consistent with the results of plane collisions i.e. the Twin Towers did not collapse as a result of the planes hitting. Once you understand this, any faith in modern democracy (as supposedly epitomised by the USA), cannot be justified. It is then only our personal bravery and personal circumstances which can dictate how we respond to this truth, whichever global ‘democracy’ we live in. Fear will be ever-present, but cowardliness should not be an option.

Even Abdullah Ocalan, the Turkish-imprisoned freedom fighter and ideological leader of the Kurds of SE Turkey and Northern Syria, admits that global ‘democratic’ capitalism, in one sense, is the most advanced civilisational form we have yet seen on Earth. But, like Ken Wilber the American philosopher, he sees that global capitalism as it stands (topples!) has had it’s day, and must build on its better elements to evolve into something much more democratic and ecological. Reading the work of AE911Truth, it really hits home that the governors, presidents and prime ministers of modern capitalist democracies -especially the USA- are elected only superficially, and actually bear all the hallmarks of plutocrats, oligarchs and dictators, regardless of which political camp they are from.


Pilots for 9/11 Truth