!Block The Roads! #VoteNoHeathrow

The #VoteNoHeathrow campaign organised by http://www.risingup.org.uk calls on all peaceful activists in the London area to join in the roadblock of Parliament Square (outside the Houses of Parliament) today at 18.30. #VoteNoHeathrow campaigners who have been on hunger strike for the past 13 days over the proposed third Heathrow runway, call for solidarity and action. They call on all brave and peaceful London-based activists to descend on Parliament Square to protest the proposed commercial expansion of Heathrow which is due to be voted on in parliament on Monday. The third runway project is an example of rampant corporate capitalism and will benefit the richest in society at the expense of the poorest and at the expense of the environment, not just in terms of air and noise pollution but accelerating climate change the world over, as expansion at Heathrow implicitly supports expansion at other airports globally.

The #VoteNoHeathrow campaigners have been hunger striking to put pressure on MPs to vote against the 3rd runway, but regardless of whether or not they vote for it, we must send Westminster a clear message today: it is the intention of responsible people in this country that the third runway will not be built. This is a message for Theresa May and Chris Grayling, the transport secretary: the third runway will not be built. If you want to play at Empire so foolishly, buy a Lego set.

There are many groups campaigning against the third runway. The message must be spread to the public of the UK, by-passing our biased and relatively apathetic media, that those who care, predominantly care against the runway. Since our parliamentary democracy is no democracy at all, it is up to the social media democracy of Facebook and Twitter to raise our voices. On Twitter, these are just a few of the groups that are against the third runway: @RunawayHeathrow @staygrounded3 @NoThirdRunwayLD @GoBackHeathrow.

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan is against the runway. The Conservative Party MP Greg Hands has just resigned his cabinet position in protest against the third runway. The runway issue crosses traditional political party boundaries. This is not about left and right wing (pun intended) -this is about doing the right thing.

Do not be apathetic. If you believe in democracy, and if it is your intention and wish that the third runway is not built, then add your voice to #VoteNoHeathrow. This is a call to all peaceful socialist, anarchist and other activist groups in Greater London. Join #VoteNoHeathrow and block the roads around Parliament Square at 18.30 this evening. If you are against corporatism, cronyism, plutocracy, and the wilful destruction of the environment, then you are against the third runway.

Twitter: @VoteNoHeathrow

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/votenoheathro/