Deep Green Business Mix #1 (maximising edge):

Hearing Words #2

In ‘Hearing Words’ #1 I explained how my unconscious, by a dynamic process (the precise machinations of which are obscure to me) sometimes gives my conscious mind clues as to the direction I should take in life, by issuing me with words or phrases. These words and phrases pop into my mind ‘as if from nowhere’ in the voices (‘silent’, as thoughts) of generic characters; combinations and approximations of people I have met or experienced in the past.

This whole process is complicated by the fact that sometimes I receive actual words (out loud) and phrases from actual people, who pass judgement on me (as we all must judge sensory input constantly). They may do this in a conscious or a very semi-conscious off-hand kind of way, or an unconscious way. These events of people attempting to guide, label or damn me (depending on the judgement) can all be used for my advancement.

In the context of a society that is dominated in the area of mental health by the so-called ‘biomedical model’, my experiences can be easily labelled off, including by psychiatrists, as ‘psychotic’, ‘paranoid’, or ‘all in my mind’. (See here for my developing    biosociocultural model of mental illness). You might ask, why would these labelling events happen to me and not others? Well, I think they do happen to others to a lesser degree,  but others may tend to automatically bracket off these experiences as ‘irrelevant’ and so only be hazily aware of them.

This is all I care to write about this for now.




Web Traffic Counter #1

Every now and again I will be sharing statistics on the growth of my blog audience (if it does grow!). The main reason I am doing this is that I want people to realise that you have to start small with any enterprise (unless you have massive financial backing) and that it is ok and not shameful to have only a handful of people reading your blog. As the marketing guru Seth Godin says, a meaningful connection with just one person / reader is a success. If I can inspire other ethical bloggers and ecopreneurs, then so much the better. Also see How I Got Here: An Ecopreneur’s Story #1 and #2.

Although this blog will always be a free and joyful sharing of information and experience, with sufficient following, I hope of course to offer additional ethical products (information-based) in order to make a living for myself and maybe even redirect some wealth to where I think it is more needed in society. This won’t happen for a couple of years. Right now I just want to share and connect and inspire. If I don’t, my head will explode!

This is my sixth post. I am measuring website ‘maximum daily traffic per post’ by looking at the maximum number of visitors to the site on a day immediately subsequent to the post (it doesn’t have to be the next day; just the day that receives the most visitors close behind the posting day). So typically I will get spikes in website activity one or two days after posting. Please understand that I am not a techy person! WordPress provides all these statistics for free! Most posts so far have received between 7 and 16 daily visitors maximum, mostly UK-based and mostly via Facebook. WP tells you the country of origin and which social media sites people have referred from, if you have social media sites linked to your WP page. Every time I post, it automatically shares on my Facebook page. People can then click on the Fb link to read the post on the WP site, an activity which is reflected in the WP statistics for my site.

What is interesting to me is that one post performed twice as well as all the others (individually). Not only that, but this post received less ‘likes’ on my Facebook timeline than other Epic Tomorrows posts. This suggests to me that the post had a universal appeal beyond the ‘Facebook friends’ I usually connect with. The post was titled Loneliness and within I discussed loneliness from different perspectives, including the role of monogamous culture in loneliness in modern society. The relative success of this post tells me that I need to write more about loneliness (indeed, I would love to -there’s a lot to write, relevant to sustainable culture, business and mental health).

This isn’t about ‘making money from people’ in the longterm; it’s about being a servant-leader -leading people in the direction they want to be led and increasing my following; inspiring a Tribe to connect with me and one another in order to solve problems of environmental and social justice. (Thanks again to Seth Godin!)



Project Zero #1

‘Project Zero’ is the name I give to a potential side-project to Epic Tomorrows (tell me if you come across the name somewhere else and I’ll change it!). It is not an original idea, but for a few years now I have had a vision for some kind of interactive, reflexive online database governed according to Permaculture principles, which would enable people, their businesses and society as a whole to run themselves more efficiently. This would be linked to some kind of mapping service (there are lots of appropriate providers that already exist, for example OpenStreetMap ) . It would track the use and transportation of resources across society, improve political accountability for those resources and more efficient use and re-use of them. Most crucially, it would record daily changes in biodiversity and records of wildlife and how biodiversity is affected by our daily actions. Project Zero would be a kind of virtual life and business coach (including a mental health focus) and sustainability tracker / evolver, all in one. I’m sure there are services akin to this out there, or in development somewhere; if so I need to find them. My friend James is developing an ethical resource-based social network which could develop into something like Project Zero, but I’m not sure he wants it to. His network is here: Rosemary Cottage Network  James wants more people to join the network to test out it’s functionality and develop it. It’s in the Alpha testing stage. I think it has some potential -check it out!

In the early stages of Project Zero I thought I might make Google spreadsheets that I could share with others to edit, with different spreadsheets for biodiversity, food consumption, transport etc. I started taking notes on my food consumption a few weeks back but found it hard to keep up and never made the spreadsheet. Now I’m just about to make a private contacts spreadsheet that could potentially be a private element that could interact with some kind of more public Project Zero later. I don’t know. I may be barking up the wrong tree or in the wrong forest even…I know that Blockchain technology is starting to address some of the issues that Project Zero would also be addressing.

barking up the wrong tree


Very Civil Disobedience #1

It is clear that businesses, especially some of the big ones, have cut legal corners in order to get to advantageous and profitable positions. I would like to see more local acts of civil disobedience by small businesses that are prepared to put environmental and social justice before jumping through every legal hoop put in front of them. A great example is in the area of Planning Law (don’t be scared by those capital letters!) A few years ago I was party to an ecological self-build in Devon which was built without Planning permission; the reason being that Planning law is not sustainable or flexible enough to support the vast range of directly land-based small livelihoods that are possible. Self-builds are crucial to many of these potential and existing livelihoods. After a 5 year battle with the local council, the self-build was granted retrospective planning permission at the Government Planning Inspectorate level. I’m all in favour of ethically acting on or over the edge of the law, individually and in business contexts, as in some respects the law itself is arguably criminally oppressive of people and planet. Where can direct action political activism and entrepreneurship usefully combine?

Martin Luther King


Epic Tomorrows Hunted-Gathered #1

From time to time I intend to hunt and gather the essential information from all previous posts I’ve made, to keep track of the most important principles / ideas of this blog as they evolve, and areas of development generally. The ultimate aim is the creation of a coherent, consistent curriculum that has some kind of personal, educational and business use for a variety of people and groups related to my chosen subject areas i.e. mainly sustainable culture, business and mental health, but expanding outwards from those. Here are the key points I’ve hunted and gathered so far (Eventually I’ll put the hunted-gathered stuff on a static page as a kind of curriculum):

  • Halting the current extreme rate of biodiversity loss on Earth is key to the future survival of humanity.
  • I am a servant-leader, and perhaps you can be too. I think this is the only ethical model of leadership.
  • I sometimes hear ‘words’ or ‘voices’ that guide me in a dynamic way.
  • Working hypothesis: a lack of integration in modern society is to blame for a great deal of unnecessary suffering and death. At root this is exemplified by the lack of human integration with non-human Nature, but also the lack of integration of humanity with itself, in every sphere.
  • The biomedical model of mental illness is part of the problem.
  • There’s plenty of great stuff going on in the world!
  • I intend the Epic Tomorrows blog to be a place of discussion and Tribe building for individuals, businesses and other groups.
  • The Epic Tomorrows blog will always be free. Additionally I will develop a business based on the blog, themed around integration.
  • I want to record the developing Epic Tomorrows blog and potential business processess and publish here for everyone to see. This is to build trust and share what works and what doesn’t, to help others pursuing a similar path. We need more ethical bloggers and businesses in the world!
  • The three main subjects of Epic Tomorrows are sustainable human culture, sustainable business and sustainable mental health, and how these three can interact and integrate.
  • Seth Godin rocks, if he’s applied sustainably!
  • The same goes for the online ‘Fizzle’ business community / program.
  • Question: How can the multiplicity of possible connections online translate better into meaningful face to face connections?
  • The internet may ironically be the most powerful tool we have ever had to reconnect with non-human Nature and with each other, face to face.
  • The existing dominant version of capitalism prevents cultural integration and so exacerbates / creates loneliness.
  • Monogamy-as-the-norm may increase the general prevalence of loneliness in modern society, or alternatively, prevent the decrease of loneliness in socially progressive ways that mirror the many different types of relationships that people can be suited to.
  • The highly mobile nature of modern living can easily exacerbate / create loneliness.
  • Economically-driven loneliness is rife, and manifests in at least a few distinctly different ways. This is not due to the faults of individuals, but is due to the nature of the prevalent global economic system.
  • More diverse and integrated housing / housing development options, including creative sustainable self-builds, demanding a reformed Planning system, and diverse communal living arrangements, would all help alleviate loneliness in modern society.
  • Alternative, localised economies arguably help combat loneliness in communities.
  • There aren’t enough cycle paths and bridleways in the UK!
  • Question: How could a Gestalt Psychotherapy approach help to heal human society and the non-human planet from destructive human influences?
  • Fame and money can both be used for good!
  • Civil disobedience (breaking the law in a civil way for ethical reasons) is a valid path for an ethical business person. The interaction of entrepreneurship and political direct action / political activism is worth exploring.

hunting and gathering