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This is the page that connects you with Epic Tomorrows’ analysis of the human world we live in. Here is all The Evidence you need to take action and begin your Earth-saving quest for real.

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Leonora Carrington (1917 – 2011) ~ The Burning of Giordano Bruno, oil on canvas 1964

For some of you, you must realise that what you have been doing up till now is merely training. At the top here I’ll put forward my pointed case. For the sharper activist heroines and heroes amongst you, these five bullet points may be all you need:

  • Global human civilisation is on course to collapse and / or radically change before 2080, mainly because of the sixth mass extinction event (click!), including the microscopic bugs killed as our top soil (where food is grown) is exhausted. Some respected scholars think there could be a collapse very soon -within about ten years. See this evidence, and this, and this! There could be a hugely or partly positive transformation, if we enter a World War Two -level mobilisation to peacefully kill the main entity responsible for the mass extinction: The Devil of Neoliberal Economics. We also need to replace Him with positive systems, thus transforming the coming collapse into a managed global biocultural revolution. You will need to use all your special forces and heroic powers for this!

  • This Devil has brought us many pleasures and securities, but we are only just beginning to pay for these. He deceived us! Bad bad Devil!! Learn more about Him here.

  • Working for The Devil but originally separate from Him, are the evil Hydrocarbon Twins, and a combined army of Corporate Ogres and Complex Converging Evil Spirits: the Military-Industrial Complex, the Agro-Industrial Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, the Kyriarchal Complex, the Biomedical-Industrial Complex, the Psy-Complex, the Neo-Colonial Complex and other lesser evil spirits. Together these are all characters in the Same Old Story (S.O.S!) (sometimes known as Business As Usual) that we unfortunately have written / spoken / acted ourselves into over the last century or so. S.O.S! is the story that The Devil constantly whispers to us.

  • Don’t forget The Good Stuff! You know what that is. It’s in your heart. Trust it!

  • Get Well Gathered here! The Devil has conquered us by dividing us, even within ourselves. We need to gather and re-connect to every part of ourselves, to each other, to this dear Earth and to all the information we need, including online, to achieve our Earth-saving quests.

  • Climate breakdown and excessive industrialised meat consumption (which destroys the biodiversity we rely on as a species) are the two most immediately dangerous drivers of the sixth mass extinction. These drivers are effects of the S.O.S! Using mass civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, we can stop them!


Be scared! Be empowered! We’re in one hell of a scary film.

And you’re the Star….



My Well Hunted, Well Gathered compendium could help you, if you are the kind of heroine or hero who needs to save all the time they can on their Earth-saving quest.

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