Transition Business

Epic Tomorrows is a ‘Transition Business’.

I don’t want to be a capitalist any more than you do. Nor do I want to live under this neo-liberal capitalist system. The purpose of my business, apart from giving the gift of my curation to activists for a small charge, and apart from buying food to eat and paying my rent etc, is to redirect any profit I make to revolutionary causes, to end neo-liberal capitalism -that which is destroying a habitable Earth. Paradoxically I will engage with neo-liberal capitalist forces in the running of my business -it will be impossible not to, just as you engage with those same forces when you watch YouTube or use the Post Office. 

We are all hypocrites and that’s okay. All it means is that we have to be clever about how we spiral out of the hypocrisy, gradually.

I am not a communist and I am not against all private enterprise. However the future is in localised land-based economies, and with a fairer distribution of wealth, globally. No more corporations. No more commercial banks.

If the neo-liberal capitalist world order collapses, then the work of Epic Tomorrows will be done, and I will be able to move on. Meanwhile, with what I hope is a high degree of self-awareness, I can help subvert the machine from inside it, by capitalising on sharing curated information in such an ethical way that I can be a force, I hope, to help slow Anthropogenic Global Warming, global ecological destruction and the economics that is driving these.