Transition Business

Epic Tomorrows is a ‘Transition Business’.

I don’t want to be a capitalist any more than you do. Nor do I want to live under this neo-liberal capitalist system. The purpose of my business is ultimately to redirect any profit to revolutionary causes, to help end neo-liberal capitalism -that which is destroying a habitable Earth. Paradoxically I will engage with neo-liberal capitalist forces in the running of my business -it will be impossible not to, just as you engage with those same forces when you watch YouTube or use the Post Office. 

If the business grows enough to employ others, it will be run as a co-operative. Everyone will be paid equally and everyone will have a say in how any profits are put to good use.

We are all hypocrites and that’s okay. All it means is that we have to be clever about how we spiral out of the hypocrisy, gradually.

I am not a communist and I am not against all private enterprise. However the future is in localised land-based economies, and with a fairer distribution of wealth, globally. No more corporations. No more commercial banks.

If the neo-liberal capitalist world order collapses, then the work of Epic Tomorrows will be done, and I will be able to move on. Meanwhile, with what I hope is a high degree of self-awareness, I can help subvert the machine from inside it. I intend to be a force to help slow Anthropogenic Global Warming, global ecological destruction and the economics that is driving these. Below is my rough working model / vision for the funding, profits, employment (power) structure, and competitiveness of Epic Tomorrows.

Funding, Profits, Employment Structure and Competitiveness

Funding Streams

  1. Start-up capital from crowd-funding. Minimal living expenses from donations for first FREE product ‘Well Hunted, Well Gathered’.
  2. Product sales: Epic Tomorrows will be mainly funded by the middle-classes, with products going for free to financially poorer groups.
  3. Rich donor funding.


  1. No profits amassed as personal wealth for any employees including the founder, including profits from media appearances etc related to Epic Tomorrows. Epic Tomorrows will be run as a co-operative.
  2. Some put back into business growth / product development.
  3. Some donated to activist causes with a mass civil disobedience focus e.g. movements similar to Extinction Rebellion.
  4. Some, in partnership with other Transition Businesses and Indigenous and First Nations peoples everywhere, to be used for purchase of a communal land, materials, equipment, travel fund and property network worldwide, supporting global activist / business networking and the protecting of conscientious protectors of the Earth from obsolete laws i.e. safe places for activists wanted by the law. ‘Working holidays’ may be funded for employee-partners in this context.

Employment (Power) Structure

  1. All employees will be partners and will take equal ownership of and direction of the business (although it will be a while before I can employ the first partner). I.e. a co-operative structure.
  2. All employee-partners will be warrior activists. All employee-partners will be non-violent in their activism but may support in theory some armed resistance struggles around the world.
  3. After the first two employees, including the founder, the workforce will always be made up of a dominance of female and non-white employee-partners, to address global power imbalances.
  4. Unequivocally, no employee, including the founder, will ever be paid a higher rate than any other employee, although expenses for jobs can be mutually agreed upon. ‘Double minimum wage’ is a reasonable target and cap for payment of employee-partners. For employee-partner ‘perks’, see 4. under Profits, above.
  5. All employee-partners interview all prospective employee-partners. Decisions are taken communally about employment.


  1. Epic Tomorrows will function as an aggressive socialist business community-entity in this time of late stage neo-liberal capitalism / hyper-capitalism. All about co-operation and regenerative culture on the inside, and on the outside with appropriate bodies, but towards ecologically and otherwise destructive capitalist entities including businesses and governments, mockingly modelling hyper-aggressive capitalism i.e. destroying them. Individuals within these destructive entities will always be treated respectfully and poached to work for ET if possible.
  2. Business competitiveness in a Transition Business extends to supporting and funding activists to bring down unethical corporations in the way of Epic Tomorrows e.g. fossil fuel companies.