Veganism is an intelligent response to many of the ecologically driven problems we face as a species today, including climate breakdown. It is also a compassionate way to be.

The Epic Tomorrows WELL GATHERED spreadsheet includes a big vegan focus.

Meanwhile, below are some vegan business ideas I’ve come up with. 2019 is a great year to start a vegan business. The number of vegans in the UK has exploded by 360% in the past 10 years, and this growing trend shows no sign of slowing.

It would warm my heart to know that someone was trying one of these business ideas, so if you are inspired by any of the ideas below, please get in touch. I don’t claim ownership over any of these ideas, but if you are inspired by them to actually start a business or even just contemplate starting one on your blog, feel free to namecheck Epic Tomorrows on your site.

You are welcome to have a copy of the current Epic Tomorrows business plan. It may help you with your plan. Just email me (Matthew) on

I seek vegan and climate activist business allies, so get in touch for co-promotion and co-marketing opportunities, and to discuss forming eco-activist business affinity groups (eco-bags!) for the southwest of England. These affinity groups will simultaneously co-promote eco-savvy businesses (including our own) and also radical eco-activism, including vegan groups and direct action groups of all kinds.

It’s time ethical businesses acted together to eject the worst corporate ecological offenders (WCEOs) from the business landscape, via aggressive competition and partnerships with radical activists on the edge of the law. We may have only a few years to save humanity from ecological catastrophe. In the words of the climate activist Greta Thunberg, ‘The rules need to be changed’.



  1. Vegan roadside cafe’s: How many times have you looked out your car window on a long journey and despaired at the poor choice and poor quality of roadside cafe’s, when you could do with a snack? If you advertised a vegan roadside cafe just as ‘healthy food’, unsuspecting meat-eaters would also stop to sample the benefits of your cooking.
  2. ‘The Vegan Worker’ American style diners. The ‘greasy spoon’ cafe seems to be a staple of British life. How about edging in on this market by starting a cheap and cheerful vegan diner disguised as a mock greasy spoon cafe? Think cheap ingredients, quantity over quality, working class demographics, and pictures of famous vegan athletes on the walls. Veganism needs to branch out from the middleclass market which it is largely limited to. Invite me when you do it!
  3. Vegan sweet-shops, bakeries and dessert parlours. Yes there are some, but there’s plenty of room for more. There isn’t one in my nearest city of Exeter, despite all the other vegan eateries. Maybe 2019 is the year for it to happen…
  4. A vegan ‘sharing economy’ social platform. In other words, a social networking website that encourages vegans to share everything with each other, including hand me down vegan clothing for kids, vegan hospitality (like couchsurfing for vegans), business tips, cooking tips, vegan dinner party meetups, study groups, and educational resources.

This is just for starters. I’m sure I’ll expand on this before too long. I have far too many ideas for just one person, so you’re welcome to them. Let’s get moving!