!Epic Tomorrows’ WELL GATHERED Workbook: time-saving curated spreadsheets of website tools for vegan and climate activists

It’s right here at the top look: £6 per copy, but I’m only selling 30 copies (and then a more realistically priced re-release mid-May). The workbook is created in the wonderful open source Libre Calc but can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Go to FAQs to find out how to convert the file.


The WELL GATHERED workbook is a curated workbook comprised of spreadsheets of websites for heroic climate & vegan (and veganish) activists. The information is researched and curated to maximise your activist strategy. The first version will be available from 10th May 2019. 

The aim is to save you time, so you can get back to the streets for your Earth-saving quests. Re-connecting you with parts of yourselves, with others, with Earth, with all the information you need to be hardcore professional arrestable activists (or supporters of such activists!) Includes information to help you prevent and deal with activist burnout.


Good question! Each website type is listed in a separate curated spreadsheet within the workbook:

  • Best climate science and climate news sites, including best sites for teens.
  • Best climate psychology sites.
  • Best climate- and eco- activism sites, including non-violent direct action groups.
  • Best ‘vegan science’ sites.
  • Best sites for vegan activists.
  • Social science and Future Studies sites related to activism.
  • Epic story-telling sites, to inspire your heroic activist quests and how you market them.
  • Sites related to tools for activists
  • Sites related to Regenerative Culture and Permaculture

Additional spreadsheets for those living in the south west of England:

  • SW England Climate Breakdown Responses
  • SW England Vegan Landscape

Email me at epictomorrows@gmail.com to reserve your copy. Pay now or pay later. £6 for a few hundred entries. I will be capping launch week sales at 30 copies, because I want to engage in in-depth feedback sessions with every one of you who buy. I reckon you’ll love the product (sneaky previewers have already) but nothing is ever perfect. I also intend to inspire the building of a close Tribe of rebel collaborators. I’ll keep a waiting list of folk you who leave it too late in the first week! 

From mid-May I will re-release the workbook at a more realistic price of £8 (still crazily affordable, y’know?). All early customers will get free updates for life.

By the way, I don’t want any old person buying my stuff. If you have money to throw away on stuff you don’t really want, or aren’t passionate about either climate activism or decreasing industrial animal agriculture, then take a wild hike. 

WELL GATHERED is relevant to vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and climate-based activists across the UK and across the English-speaking world. 

If you like, you can help me make the second version even better, for which you’ll get free updates for life!



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