Well Hunted, Well Gathered Compendium

“Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war.” -Martin Luther King

Here it is. Click here for the hidden extras. When it comes to the global climate and ecological emergency, more than anything else, please consider that if everyone knew the truth of what was going on, they would rebel against their governments to force them to take action NOW. A World War Two level of mobilisation is needed right NOW to save the future of humanity. Education is key.

It’s not easy to fully ‘know the truth of what is going on’, which is what is needed to be an accomplished strategist:

‘Strategy requires a sense of the whole that reveals the significance of respective parts’ -John Lewis Gaddis in ‘On Grand Strategy’

Luckily, we don’t have to strategise alone. We must remember that no-one has a monopoly on strategy when it comes to social movements. It is the most diverse movements that succeed: 

‘One single institution, say, the central planner, cannot aggregate knowledge; many important pieces of information will be missing. But society as a whole will be able to integrate into its functioning these multiple pieces of information. Society as a whole thinks outside the box’ -Naseem Nicholas Taleb in ‘Black Swan’

Look out for diverse Music of the Resistance (MotheR) links peppered throughout the compendium, and for MotheR playlists visit my YouTube channel here.


  1. Climate Crisis Science, News and Policy Sites, & Online Literature, including Best Sites for Young Adults
  2. Climate Psychology and Ecology-Based Mental Health Sites & Online Literature.
  3. Climate- and Eco- Activism Sites & Online Literature (with a focus on direct action).
  4. Vegan Science Sites & Online Literature.
  5. Vegan Activism Sites & Online Literature.
  6. Global Biodiversity Loss -Sites & Online Literature
  7. Ecological Justice, Decolonialism and Anti-Fascist Sites & Online Literature.
  8. Social and Environmental Science & Future Studies Sites & Online Literature (as related to activism).
  9. Social Movement Building & Strategy
  10. Epic Messaging and Story-Telling Sites & Online Literature, (to inspire your heroic activist quests and how you market them and spread them through the media).
  11. Activist Tools (including secure software).
  12. Activist Life Strategy Resources: Deep Adaptation (the 3 ‘R’s), Regenerative Culture and Permaculture, (including resources for well-being).
  13. Ways of Living
  14. Recommended Reading