What Is An Activist?

Google says: ‘A person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.’

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary says: ‘One who supports a policy of vigorous action; one who plays a special part in advancing a project or in strengthening the hold of political ideas.’

My own view is that at some point or other, we are all activists, at least in thought, if not in deed. Wherever we are on the political spectrum, there are times when we have strong views about the way things should be, and we would act decisively to pressure those in power to help things to be that way, if only we knew what would be the most effective way to act, and when, and with whom.

It is the role of Epic Tomorrows to enable the activist in everyone, specifically in a way which encourages greater understanding and empathy between different groups in society who are affected in different ways by The Evidence.